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Old Cemetery Has Sinking Headstones, Flooding, and Hidden Graves

Old Cemetery Has Sinking Headstones, Flooding, and Hidden Graves

Located in Berkeley County, West Virginia, the old Mount Hope Cemetery holds a rich history dating back to its establishment in the 1870s.

Initially serving as a segregated burial ground, this historic cemetery has evolved into a symbol of the region’s diverse heritage.

Over the years, the old Mount Hope Cemetery has encountered significant challenges. Neglect has caused its aging headstones to sink, while poor drainage has led to flooding in certain areas.

Additionally, the presence of unmarked and hidden graves presents difficulties in accurately identifying and honoring all those interred here.

To address these issues, extensive excavation and restoration efforts are necessary. Preserving the old Mount Hope Cemetery is crucial not only for maintaining its physical integrity but also for honoring the memories of those buried within its grounds.

Among the notable individuals laid to rest here are Frederick Ramer, principal of Sumner-Ramer School, and J.R. Clifford, West Virginia’s pioneering African American lawyer and newspaper publisher.

The restoration of the old Mount Hope Cemetery serves as a testament to the community’s dedication to preserving its past. Your support is vital in ensuring that this historic site continues to stand as a symbol of resilience and remembrance for generations to come.

To contribute to the preservation of the old Mount Hope Cemetery, consider making a donation today. Your generosity will help safeguard this historic landmark and honor the legacies of those who have shaped our community’s history.

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