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10+ Historic African American Cemeteries in WV’s Eastern Panhandle

10+ Historic African American Cemeteries in WV’s Eastern Panhandle

In the rolling hills of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle lies a rich tapestry of African American history, quietly buried and awaiting rediscovery.

Over time, many African American cemeteries in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties have been forgotten, their stories fading with the passage of time.

Yet, there is a growing movement to reclaim and safeguard these sacred sites before they vanish into obscurity.

Jefferson County’s Treasures

Jefferson County boasts several such cemeteries, including Fairview-Gibsontown African American Cemetery, Weaver Family Cemetery, Boyd-Carter Cemetery, and others, each a poignant reminder of the African American presence in the region.

These burial grounds, some dating back to the late 1800s, serve as the final resting places for former slaves, Civil War veterans, and esteemed community members.

Berkeley County’s Legacy

Likewise, Berkeley County is home to The Historic Greenhill African American Cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery, and Douglas Grove Cemetery, each holding its own stories and legacies.

Sadly, many of these sites have been neglected, their significance obscured by time and nature’s reclamation.

Urgency of Preservation

The urgency to preserve these historic cemeteries is evident, as many are on the brink of being lost forever. Without immediate intervention, these sacred grounds could succumb to development or decay.

Presently, many of these cemeteries are considered “property by possession,” meaning that without the presence of ancestors’ remains, the land would likely be repurposed.

A Call to Action

To raise awareness and enlist support for preservation efforts, a list of African American cemeteries in the Eastern Panhandle has been compiled. This list, while comprehensive, may not be exhaustive, and there could be additional cemeteries yet to be uncovered.

Join the Challenge

As you peruse this list, we invite you to join us in a challenge: to visit each cemetery, either in person or through online resources like Find A Grave.

By doing so, you may uncover connections to your own family history and contribute to the preservation of these vital historical sites.

Get Involved

If you possess information about other African American cemeteries in the Eastern Panhandle or wish to aid in preservation efforts, we urge you to reach out.

Also, if you have family buried in these cemeteries, share your legacy by working with us to help you turn old photos, videos, and stories into a short video documentary. This will showcase your family’s history, memorialize it, and highlight the contributions your family has made to the community.

Together, we can ensure that these historic cemeteries remain as enduring testaments to the strength, resilience, and heritage of African Americans in West Virginia.

African American Cemeteries in WV’s Eastern Panhandle:

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